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POE AF only reaches 100 Meters at best .

Solar Powered Acrtic camera system Axis 6000 series or Bosch Autodome series only (-40C/F).

The Axis 6035-E camera is perhaps the only High Resloution Pan Tilt Zoom camera in it's class that can run on DC power and run at temperature down to -40C/F.

JES wins contract to place arctic P6035-E cameras in Calgary Alberta Canada and Iown tundra. Pictures comming soon.

JES Now Adds the Bosch Autodome series 600/700/800 to its Arctic line.

The outdoor AXIS Q6035-E, with IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings, is protected against rain, sun, snow and ice. Incorporating Axis Arctic Temperature Control, the outdoor camera can start up even at -40 °C (-40 °F).

JES 6035E Arctic Camera Bridge is a Solar powered Wireless camera  bridge designed specifially for Axis 6000 series cameras (we now support Bosch 800 series).  6035-E Arctic Camera Bridge comes with 720 watts of 24VDC at 30 Amps of solar to power 60 watts needed for Arctic conditions down to -40C ( Note: There is a less expensive model for up to 0C 35 watts). Long range WIFI and Cellular links are available. The system is designed for cold climate  conditions and Winter months when sunlight is low. Other accessories include Illuminators, Speakers, Alarm systems, environmental monitors  and most any thing that can be powered by 12, 24 or 48 volts. if needed.  The system is complete all you need to do is plug in the camera and your network will see only the camera IP. We do not use an inverter this is true DC power.



(Please note all DOD sub-contractors are eligible for a 5% rebate on all JES products and services through the DOD).

State and Federal Solar Incentives

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Feature Network camera model
Outdoor-ready AXIS Q6032-E AXIS Q6034-E AXIS Q6035-E
Max video resolution D1: 
HDTV 720p: 
1280 x 720
HDTV 1080p: 
1920 x 1080
Min illumination (color) 0.5 lux 0.74 lux 0.8 lux
HDTV   720p 1080p
Optical zoom 35x 18x 20x
Pan/tilt 360° endless
360° endless
360° endless
Auto-tracking  check mark check mark check mark
Active gatekeeper     check mark check mark
Power over Ethernet Plus/High PoE  check mark check mark check mark
Arctic temperature control  check mark check mark check mark


Solar and wireless features:

1.Quad panel 130 watt  at 8 amps to give 16 Amps at 24V (peak) of solar power.
2.Optional 5.8 GHz wireless dedicated bridge (2 radios remote and home base) for HD camera performance. Double the normal SDRAM.
3.Optional Cellular/2.4 GHz Radios and GPS locator.
4.All types of wireless radios and antennas are available for specific applications( Airports, extreme remote, Harsh environments).
5.Complete encryption and various level of security on WIFI.
6.Quad 75Ah batteries to set up 150AH at 24VDC of backup power (more AH backup can be added up to 800AH)
7.24/7/365 operating time.
8.700GHZ Full duplex radios can range up to 50KM at 40Mbps. (optional)
9.5GHZ back haul wireless with increased memory for 3.0 or greater megapixel HD cameras to run at 1080P/720P 40fps (optional) Remote and home base
10.Local 2.4 GHZ Access point (optional)
11. MPPT (Maximum Power Point) Solar charge controller, for overcast days and maximum charging time with AMP meter and temperature sensor.
12.Battery Box that can hold four type 24 batteries. (NEMA and Traffic signal boxes are available)
13.Side pole Solar Panel mount ( we need 8 foot of pole for the dual  two panel mounts)
14.Optional power requirements (i.e. Passive POE 12,24,48,56V,  High POE,  at, af, )
15.All wiring and mounting included.


Part Number Description  
SS_Dual_poe_sys POE power for Axis 6035-e to 0C and power for Cell or Wireless 3375.00
PS_Dual_poe_sys_HP Must order both parts for complete system  
SS_Arctic_Quad POE power for Axis 6035-e to -40C and power for Cell or Wireless 6736.00
PS_Arctic_VHP Must order both parts for complete system  

anixter All products listed above are available at Anixter US and Canada. Product List and detailed description

Our systems are designed to operate with any large to small scale surveillance software/hardware.






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