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Solar powered camera systems

We are experts at WIFI and cellular interfaces to your VMS

Recent projects

  1. Paratech wins the Port of New Orleans solar camera contract Bosch 800 (15 systems)
  2. TED systems 5 cameras in Kansas City.
  3. 25 systems for City of Los Angles.
  4. Solar Powered Bosch cameras on I10 in Florida (12 systems)
  5. City of Gainesville (12 systems, Three camera trailers)
  6. University of Texas (4 systems, Three camera trailers)
  7. MGM (5 systems)

We want to be your partner for all of your remote camera needs

and can serve your contracting needs for remote cameras

See our wetland projects for US Fish and Wildlife (USFW)

Custom systems can be quoted as in most cases applications are very unique .We have many different High Speed wireless Camera Bridges to suit your specific applications and will quote systems to drive all manufactures cameras. Multi-camera systems are available. Wireless runs of up to 10 miles LOS.

We do offer a line of 110V power boxes for cameras with WIFI radios or Cellular modems for remote locations with power.

Complete kits all mounts and wiring included. Full electical code compliant GFI and surge protection. Call for a quote today or e-mail requirments

Class 1 Division 2 Solar panels are available for Oil and Gas required applications

Battery powered light pole cameras are available as well.

Checkout our new Camera trailer

We can also offer a local DVR that up can upload with cellular or wireless.

(Please note all DOD sub-contractors are eligible for a 5% rebate on all JES products and services through the DOD).

State and Federal Solar Incentives

We used to have a basic pricing matrix for basic cameras here, however the camera market is changing so rapidly is is impossible to keep up with the technologies. If you have a camera in mind we can power it and in most cases multiples, we can offer sound and night illimination in both infrared and white light. We can also power other perperials as well, like sirens and speakers and other security sensors. If you have a particular camera in mind let us know otherwise we can suggest many.

Just e-mail us your requirments or specifications

Solar Camera Kits are available for any CCTV or IP camera on the market including 24VAC high resolution HD PTZ cameras.

These kits will power up to four any cameras (af, at, non-compliant, PTZ, thermal, speed dome and fixed). We can also drive any wireless radio (48,24,12V,POEaf, non-compliant POE) and other accessories (sirens,illuminators,motion lights and alarm boards).

We do offer a line of battery powered HD cameras with SD cards without the solar for anti-dumping and other portable camera applications. Just tell us how many days you want to run.


Standard features:

  1. 18 Amps of solar panel and panel mount.
  2. GFI and surge protection
  3. 24/7 operation.
  4. NEMA 3r Battery box that holds two batteries. 4 battery type 31 systems available.
  5. Dedicated HD wireless camera bridge (12 KM range LOS).
  6. POE AT/AF or 12,24,48 volt power for the camera(s).
  7. POE for four cameras.
  8. All wiring and mounts for all components.
  9. Tempature sensors for optimal solar charging.
  10. Optional DVR can be installed.

Our systems are designed to operate with any large to small scale surveillance software/hardware.

Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail us with your requirements.

PMP project in Kaunakakai, HI

Osprey Project

Railyard Project





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Let us design your Surveillance system. We work with most camera brands. Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail with specifications and let JES show you want we can do. Contact US



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Press: JES completes the Osprey Camera Project. High resloution night vision camera for nest observation