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JES offers a remote management systems for construction sites (fixed and camera trailer) We can design any monitoring system you need and put it anyplace, if you need documentation services we have teamed with Multivista to provide these services if needed.



JES teams with Multivista to bring Construction Documentation to a new level

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JES teams with Multiviusta Construction Documentation firm to bring Solar powered cameras to job sites. Construction companies can now document job sites from ground breaking ceremonies too actual occupancy, with a portable, wide angle HD solar powered camera systems using cellular and wireless communications.


JES solar powers the very powerful Axis P6045E camera for Multivista(1080p CMOS)for complete coverage of your entire site. We can also offer multiple Axis P3367VE (5MP) for a true panoramic scene and analysis of the job site. We can power all industry cameras and other computer peripheral devices for your jobsite. Custom mounting designs and Camera Trailers are available.Please call JES or e-mail and we will put you in touch with your local Multivista office for an in-house demonstration. Do not forget to mention JES Hardware for a product rebate. Yes you can buy our solar powered cameras and add Multivista services at a later date. Systems are located as far north as Calgary Canada (to -40C). References are available upon request

Services include:

Exclusive Construction Technology

Our system was the first to digitize the construction documentation process using leading-edge digital technology, photography, video and security for clients throughout North America.

Construction Progress Photography

Exterior construction progressions are performed at regular intervals, documenting all work in the vicinity of the building exterior. Interior construction progressions focus on interior improvements, document various trades coming together over time.

Construction Webcams

Multivista’s construction webcams allow users anytime access to live conditions of their jobsite, perfect for broad site overviews of current conditions and construction activity. Services include camera setup, webcam feed hosting, 24/7 monitoring, support and troubleshooting

Multivista Video Documentation

Provides a professional, HD video documentation solution for facility maintenance in a live-motion format, perfect for dynamic construction events that can only be memorialized via audio and video.

Anixter available at Anixter US and Canada. Product List and detailed description

Ingram Products are available at Ingram Micro Security Solutions


JES is now offering pre-WiMAX wireless bridges for rural camera placement and extreme long distances. We can now run up to 30KM up to 40mbps full duplex.

Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail us with your requirements.

See our PMP project in Kaunakakai, HI





Let us design your Surveillance system. We work with most camera brands. Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail with specifications and let JES show you want we can do. Contact US



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