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Frontier Logistics Rail Yard cameras

JES is now offering pre-WiMAX wireless bridges for rural camera placement and extreme long distances. We can now run up to 30KM up to 40mbps full duplex.

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JES uses Solar powered 5GHZ wireless to bridge to drive 2 HD cameras and AP

Pictured system costs 5,400.00

We are driving two 2.0 megapixel cameras at 720P 40 fps and a local access point over a 600 meter distance. 24/7.

Bill of materials include:

  1. 260 Watts at 17 Amps (peak) of solar power
  2. 200 AMP hours of backup power (more AH backup can be added)
  3. 5GHZ back haul wireless with increased memory for 3.0 megapixel HD cameras to run at 720P 40fps
  4. Local 2.4 GHZ Access point
  5. MPPT (Maxium Power Point) Solar charge controller.
  6. All mounts (Solar Panels, battery box, and wiring for user supplied pole.

Large picture of camera system


System pictured above was designed for Frontier Logistics.The Solar powered Surveillance system uses two AXIS 1755-E HDTV Cameras 2.0 megapixel at 720P 40fps. Frontier Logistics needed a 24/7 surveillance system out in their rail yard. However there was no power located within 400 meters. It was then that JES devised a solar powered system that drives two HDTV cameras and a Access point that allows users operate their barcode scanners. Using JES high performance 5GHZ wireless radios in a bridge configuration, Frontier was provided the HD bandwidth needed and 24/7 power in a remote location. See diagram below for system design.


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