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"We downloaded SANmelody from DataCore's website and had it up and running in minutes. We could serve up disks using an Ethernet connection quickly and easily. SANmelody makes it possible to serve up high-performance and highly available storage using your existing network infrastructure."
-- Dwight Ricks, Wasatch Advisors
SANmelody™ software converts PC servers into cost-effective expansion disk servers. Their added capacity appears as additional internal drives to disk-starved servers on LANs or SANs. This simple solution eliminates the need to commission extra application servers when the existing systems have no more room to add disks. Advanced options include point-in-time snapshots, auto failover across redundant disk servers, auto provisioning of disk space and long-distance asynchronous replication over IP WANs. These functions are host-independent and operate without occupying resources on the application servers.

To enhance application security and availability, SANmelody-equipped disk servers can maintain up to date copies (mirror images) of critical data currently housed on internal disk drives.

SANmelody accelerates performance through built-in caching that minimizes delays from slower mechanical drives. The software equitably distributes the available disk space to multiple applications spread across several machines by carving out smaller logical disks from larger physical disks. Ethernet iSCSI host connections and Fibre Channel high-bandwidth ports are supported. Like other powerful Windows-based software, SANmelody runs on a wide choice of hardware platforms and disk drives. Windows, Linux, Unix, NetWare and MacOS applications may concurrently take advantage of the added gigabytes or terabytes of external disk space.
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