F-22 Simulator(s)
After the success shown by the JES for work performed to improve the design and performance of the JTAC (Dome Trainer). JES Contacted by the F-22 Team out of Marrietta, Ga. and asked to improve the design and performance of the F-22 trainers being used there. They were not happy with de-brifing system performance and setup and contol of the trainers was taking too much time, becuse of the three levels of security and the shear number of IG channels (32)and 8 threat domes.We first set up a SAN system for a faster de-brief system, using Snapshots. JES tested the concept with the F-22 software and the concept was proven. Something no other company could make work and said was impossible. Secondly the set-up of the IG sub-system was taking too much time, because certain IG had to have different levels of security and in some cases data-access had to be completly disconnected. 8 domes had to be able to be booted in any number of configurations. JES setup a master remore boot system that would then boot the domes master control computer that then booted the IG sub-systems with the proper configurations of both XP and LINUX (sorry no IRIX, we tried). Again tested and concept proved.

Link to F-22 Team.