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I75 Solar Camera project

'Within 30 seconds of securing the panels we opened up the computer and had video. Kind of scary it was so easy.'

Matthew S Weisman, PE, ME
ITS Operations Engineer III
City of Gainesville, Fl - Traffic Management

JES has been awarded a contract to provide solar powered Vaisala road sensors and wireless connection for NHDOT

JES Has been awarded a contract to deliver 15 BOSCH 800 solar powered systems to the Port of New Orleans

JES has been awarded a contract to provide 12 Axis 6035E solar camera systems to Port Manatee Florida.

We can drive (or provide) any camera out in the marketplace. We can power (or provide) any wireless radios on the marketplace.

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The city of Gainesville had reached out to industry to drive and solar power a Bosch 800 PTZ High resolution camera and various road sensors. JES was the only company that responded to the request to give the customer exactly what they wanted.

A level of urgency was involved as the section of I75 was the scene of the horrible crash that killed 10 people in late January 2012. The City of Gainesville then urgently needed cameras, road density sensors and fog/smoke sensors placed on this stretch of highway. After extensive engineering research and design requirements JES was able to deliver the first 12 cameras to this section on highway by early June of 2012. JES will continue to delivered cameras to this section of highway as well as many other roads in Florida, other projects will include solar powered bridging of wireless FIBRE bandwidth and cellular systems for very remote highways.



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The system was quite unique in that all components had different operating voltages and power requirements. Secondly we needed to use a 336 enclosure (less expensive NEMA 3r available) with no fans as fans are real a drain on solar systems. Third while the Bosch 800 Autodome is perhaps on of the finest cameras to be used in this application is had its own unique requirements to operate properly. The system is designed to operate 24/7/365 over 5GHZ wireless and is on Florida State contract. The system can be used to power any type of fixed or PTZ camera (including thermals) on the market as well as different types of road sensors and wireless radios.

The components for Gainesville included Bluetoad traffic density sensors and a newly designed fog and smoke sensor that has to operate over RS485

JES has also delivered a road sensor system for the New Hampshire Department of transportation to drive Vaisala DST and DSC 111 road condition sensors over RS485. When this pilot system survives the winter it will be adopted state wide.

Depending on your geographic area JES can design a power systems to drive your camera(s), road sensors and weather stations, we are currently running HD PTZ cameras as far north as Calgary Canada.

Let JES design the proper solar powered roadway system necessary to promote safe driving conditions. Give us your requirements today.

Anixter available at Anixter US and Canada. Product List and detailed description

Ingram Products are available at Ingram Micro Security Solutions


Our systems are designed to operate with any large to small scale surveillance software/hardware.

JES is now offering the Air Fiber wireless bridges for rural camera placement and extreme long distances and multiple cameras.

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See our PMP project in Kaunakakai, HI





Let us design your Surveillance system. We work with most camera brands. Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail with specifications and let JES show you want we can do. Contact US



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