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JES Camera Spider Solar Rooftop Security Camera System

Improve your LEEDs rating

Take advantage of State and Federal Incentives and go solar. 35% tax break and one year depreciation. Check you state for local incentives. The four camera solar powered system allows each camera to be placed up to75 meters away from solar base using only Cat 5 cable. This distance should be able to cover any building. Simple installation and WIFI bridge to bring your solar surveillance to your monitoring system. Onvif compliant means it will work with most security systems or we can offer security software. We can work with most POE af cameras listed below.

State and Federal Solar Incentives

All systems come with four cameras. If you have (Onvif)security software you do not need ours.

Hard PTZ Axis P5512

Axis Soft PTZ Dome P3344V (1MP)

Axis P1344E Fixed (1MP) Axis P5534 HD PTZ (3MP)
WIFI System 9600.00 7386.00 7786.00 17,125.00
WIFI System with Security software 10,279.00 8035.00 8435.00 17,774.00

We can use other cameras from companies listed below , as well as others.

Camera Line Camera Line Camera Line Call/E-Mail Cameral Line Cameral Line



Standard features:

  1. 16 Amps of solar panel and panel mount (32 Amps with P5534 package).
  2. 24/7 operation.
  3. Battery box with two batteries.
  4. MPPT Solar charge controller.
  5. Dedicated HD wireless camera bridge (1 KM range LOS).Optional ranges up to 40KM and wireless MESH.
  6. POE AT/AF or 12,24,48 volt power for the camera(s).
  7. All wiring and mounts for all components.
  8. 4 mechanical PTZ cameras, Dome software PTZ models and fixed cameras available

Our systems are designed to operate with any large to small scale surveillance software/hardware.







Let us design your Surveillance system. We work with most camera brands. Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail with specifications and let JES show you want we can do. Contact US



Press: JES completes the Osprey Camera Project. High resloution night vision camera for nest observation