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Most nests are down as the season is over (save money). October begins Bald eagle nesting so come back often, we will be adding several.

See various wetland projects (We can put an HDTV camera anywhere)

Brand new see our own cloud based hosting service for all wildlife customers INC( Internet Nature Channel)

Osprey reintroduction program in Iowa for Dickinson County Nature Center more to come as the project is implemented. OFF Season

American Eagle Foundation (nesting pair there now)

John Bunker Sands Preserve (nesting pair there now Bald Eagle)

Facebook Page many Pictures, different nests

Several more coming soon



We now have synchronized sound over the wireless link and can add up to two microphones. Do not forget to ask about this option.

Also just released is a low power HD pinhole camera you can put right on the nest as an auxiliary camera.

JES was contacted by the The Friends of Island Beach State Park in order to design a Solar powered High resolution Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera observation system to focus on an Osprey nest that is about 16 feet across. One of the desired requirements was being able to observe the birds nesting at night. (non-solar systems available, we give free consulting about placement and setup the camera. We can even get it online for you.)

JES designed the following system: At the customers request we used Axis Communications P5534E camera. The camera works good in low light, but we decided to use an Infrared Illuminator with a spread of 30 degrees at 66 feet. We powered the system with two solar panels and two type 24 batteries. Secondly we are using a MPPT Solar controller to maximize the charging time. Finally we used the JES high speed wireless camera bridge to bring the 720P at 30fps video to the parks home base. The entire system is DC powered without inversion. It is designed to run 24/7/365. Down to -20C -4 F.

We now have most of the major research departments at Universities and State and Federal wildlife agencies using our camera systems. We know birds and their habitats around the entire US

Give us your requirements or send nesting coordinates

'My students have been waiting anxiously for their arrival. We've been checking the feed everyday. We were watching live in the classroom when the second bird flew in. My kids went crazy!! Great job FOIBSP! '

Raccoon gets randy on nest. A predator guard has been put in place .Check it out on you tube (infrared)


Project Osprey Diagrams (Enlarge)

See complete installation process

See the Osprey (We have eggs on the nest).

Note: The images of the Osprey Nest on the net are very low resolution, as the image is being broadcast over cellular link; however at the visitors center they are getting full 30fps 720P video over JES HD wireless and are pleased beyond their expectations. Do not forget to check out nest at night.

We can design all types of systems and offer many types of cameras as well as multiple cameras, to suit your requirements and budgets. Please call at 305-597-3980 or e-mail. Camera system will come on line in March, this is an all volunteer charity. More pictures to come.

Standard features:

  1. 16 Amps of solar panel and panel mount.
  2. Mechanical/digital PTZ camera at 720P 30fps (1080i available)
  3. IR Illuminator to give 16 foot wide beam at 66 feet. (other beam widths are available)
  4. 24/7 operation. Night operation with IR Illuminator
  5. Battery box with two AGM batteries. (150 AH backup power)
  6. Dedicated HD wireless camera bridge (1 KM range LOS).Optional ranges up to 40KM and wireless MESH.
  7. POE AT/AF or 12,24,48 volt power for the camera(s).
  8. Multiple cameras can be operated.
  9. All wiring and mounts for all components.

Our systems are designed to operate with any large to small scale surveillance software/hardware.

JES is now offering pre-WiMAX wireless bridges for rural camera placement and extreme long distances. We can now run up to 30KM up to 40mbps full duplex.

Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail us with your requirements.

See our PMP project in Kaunakakai, HI






Let us design your Surveillance system. We work with most camera brands. Call 305-597-3980 or e-mail with specifications and let JES show you want we can do. Contact US



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