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Wireless Bridge, Wireless MESH or Municipal MESH?

JES uses Solar powered 5GHZ wireless to bridge to drive 2 HD cameras and AP

Solar 5GHZ wireless system to take on mountainous terrain of Kaunakakai, HI

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We need to make a choice of what type of wireless topology you need for your particualr application, there are two types MESH and Wireless Bridge (Access Point). Finally there is a combination of the two that can be used when you need a large area covered and long way to home base.

MESH: A MESH is a compilation of radios that form a parameter covering a large area, however there is usually only one internet connection. The radios form a mesh and communicate to the internet connected primary mesh radio. What is nice about a mesh of radios is that you can have redundant internet connections and if part of the MESH goes down traffic is rerouted through working radios.


  • MESH is cheaper than Bridge to Access Point and covers a larger area.
  • It is easier and cheaper to expand MESH.
  • If you have to go more than 500 Meters from a power source, you need Bridge to Access Point or Municipal MESH (maybe standard MESH at the end of the Bridge).
  • Most outdoor applications that need to cover a large area MESH should be considered first.

Municipal MESH: Municipal MESH is the best of PTP Bridge and a MESH network. It has the security and range of a PTP Bridge and the coverage area of a MESH network. Muni-MESH also can accommodate up to 250 users within the MESH. This system is designed for large scale enterprise topologies where a large number of users is expected to be logged in within a 2KM coverage area.


  • Muni-MESH has the best features of a PTP Bridge and wireless MESH network.
  • Extreamily large number of users can be logged in.
  • The system has extensive security as need in an enterprise toplology.
  • When long range and MESH topology is needed.


Bridge to Access Point: A Bridge to Access Point topology is to be used when you need to run a distance of over 500 meters from your internet router and up to 2KM. Bridge to Access Point is a very high speed link to a single Access Point, you are limited to eight Bridges per network router connection. Bridge to Access Point has a much more higher level of security than a MESH network. In general MESH should be used for public access and Bridge to Access point should be used VPN's and other business applications (i.e.security cameras, barcode).


  • Please consider MESH before ordering a Bridge to Access Point
  • Bridge to Access Point has much more robust security than a MESH
  • If you wish to run wireless more than 500 meters from power, you must use Bridge to Access Point.

























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